dotDrum - live drums & 3d kinect video

May 9, 2017

This post is severely back posted and has actually been written in June 2018, it is done so to keep the posts in chronological order.

I finally had the time to put together an edit for this live performance that took place in 2015.
It is a collaboration between me and Barzilouik a fellow hacker from BlackBoxe, featuring live drums and a Kinect filming a point cloud projected onto a screen.

A lot of the music and drumming techniques are influenced by drummer KJ Sawka, my definitive inspiration being this video. His work put me on the track of playing while triggering patterns on the computer using MIDI controllers, which results in having to occasionally play one-handed!

Back then I was already using Bitwig Studio as my music workstation. The performance also featured a track where I had a trigger rigged on my bass drum playing a random note from a scale every time I hit it, it made a fun track! Unfortunately this part was not recorded.