My first ever solo contribution to the demoscene

Jun 3, 2018

I contributed my first ever work to the demoscene at VIP 2018, thanks to Koltes and Ponk telling me about it and making this first time an absolutely excellent one. I know nothing about Windows demo so I went for the wild category where you can produce and submit just about anything.
I set out to continue working with Blender and realistic renderings of drawings made on paper, scanned at high resolution, mapped onto 3D meshes, then animated and rendered as short movies.

The original idea and my first tests are years old yet I only finally made a simple infinite loop as a test, during Winter 2017:

This was made using the Cycles renderer and took one night to render on a GTX 1050TI…
Having to work with a deadline and focus on real-time was the perfect opportunity for me to use the upcoming renderer for Blender, Eevee. It is still in development and only available in experimental builds of Blender that tend to crash. (Only 10 during the making of the demo :).

I now proudly present to you:

Papercraft Still Life

I produced the music in Bitwig Studio.

My desk at the party place looked like this:
(Notice the triangle, the external numpad, the image scanner, I actually rented a cloud gaming computer running windows server to do the rendering part.)

Just what I expected from a demoparty

Just what I expected from a demoparty

Ordinosaures (computer+dinosaurs in french) at the demoparty

Ordinosaures (computer+dinosaurs in french) at the demoparty