Hello and welcome to my personal website.

My name is Simon, you may also encounter me as Fergus, FergusL or just xulepth.
I work with computers and electronics. I write code for the former and build circuits and also write programs for the latter.
I’ve worked on projects that involved designing and building websites, system programming using musical information, peer-to-peer applications or interactive art installations making generative music.
I am also a musician: as a trained drummer as well as curious about keyboards and string instruments and finally again music with computers and electronics.

You will most likely find me at the FUZ hackerspace in Paris.
I take part in creating new music instruments with trublion and also in Le Jardin d’Alice, an artist collective & place.

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I also keep a list of Recommended Readings on various topics and in various languages.

My first ever solo contribution to the demoscene

3 June 2018

I contributed my first ever work to the demoscene at VIP 2018, thanks to Koltes and Ponk telling me about it and making this first time an absolutely excellent one. I know nothing about Windows demo so I went for the wild category where you can produce and submit just about anything. I set out to continue working with Blender and realistic renderings of drawings made on paper, scanned at high resolution, mapped onto 3D meshes, then animated and rendered as short movies.

Making advanced noise on ESP8266 using Heavy

13 May 2018

Building tools and instruments to either better create or listen to music is by far the project I spend the most time thinking about. Introduction Hearing about Heavy from Enzienaudio three years ago has slowly become a key element for my projects and experimenting new tools and instruments. From the start, embedding PureData patches as highly performant code on almost any kind of device (computer, microcontroller, smartphone) was an interesting perspective.

dotDrum - live drums & 3d kinect video

9 May 2017

This post is severely back posted and has actually been written in June 2018, it is done so to keep the posts in chronological order. I finally had the time to put together an edit for this live performance that took place in 2015. It is a collaboration between me and Barzilouik a fellow hacker from BlackBoxe, featuring live drums and a Kinect filming a point cloud projected onto a screen.

Noscalumis (dronecore duo) first release!

22 June 2014

This post is severely back posted and has actually been written in June 2018, it is done so to keep the posts in chronological order. Noscalumis proudly presents its first release! elevage is the result of one week of experiments, one part crafting and building our own instruments, one part rehearsing/improvising and recording some of it. We have kept it unpolished with all the raw blunders of live music.